Wholesale Meat for Restaurants and Caterers

Best Texas Meat Wholesalers

Top Texas restaurants and food retailers need experienced local distributers they can trust. Quality at a fair price.

Waco Beef & Pork provides the top selection of wholesale meat, cheese, seasonings, and sausage supply. Cured meats. Smoked cheese. Turkey and chicken. Bulk orders for retail sale. Deli sliced and prepped.

We welcome specialty orders. Ask about our extended selection, including:

Catfish Fillet


Lamb and Goat

Waco Beef & Pork Processors: More than a meat packing company – the best wholesale meat and restaurant supply in Waco.

Commercial, Wholesale, and Bulk Services

Refrigerated Local Delivery

Meat sales and delivery professionals, prepared to deliver to your location throughout central Texas.

Refrigerated trucks that deliver everyday. Same and next day delivery for rush orders. 

Special Orders & Uniquely Crafted Selection

Specialty cuts. Beef and pork cuts in the UK, Canada, Argentinean, Brazilian, or other style cuts available by special order

Top Local Wholesale Meat Suppliers for All Commercial Kitchens

In addition to local restaurant menus, our specialty smoked meats, cured meat, and sausages appear across central Texas in:

Grocery stores

Convenience stores



Food trucks

Barbecue restaurants



Assisted living facilities

Catering menus

Commercial kitchens

Other meat processors and distributors

Top Local Restaurant Meat Suppliers

Waco B&PP meat and Holy Smoked Sausage! are featured on the menus of restaurants across Texas.

Waco B&PP USDA Prime and Choice steaks, cutlets, and ground beef are featured at top steakhouses. Proud to be one of the top local meat suppliers.

Old World techniques. Big Texas flavor. Over 2 decades of experience bringing the best to the Waco area.

Specialty Wholesale Items

We offer the top selection of bulk meat choices, pre-prepared for your commercial kitchen.

Premarinated Beef Fajita Meat: Restaurant prepped with seasoning.

Premarinated Chicken Fajita Meat: Restaraunt prepped and seasoned.

Sausage on a Stick: Mildly seasoned sausage to cook and serve.

Lollipop Chicken Wings: Specialty cut seasoned raw chicken wings.

Wholesale Meats

Proud to be one of the top local meat suppliers.

Wholesale Beef

Delicious USDA Prime Beef
The best beef in the country is USDA Prime beef. Less than 3% of beef is graded as Prime. Waco Beef & Pork Processors specializes in Prime beef and Choice beef. Top excellence and best quality for all tables in central Texas.

Top cuts for your kitchen, restaurant, catering service, or deli. Fresh or frozen. Seasoned or cured. Top selection of Certified Black Angus Beef and Certified Angus Prime Beef. Specialty cuts and 100% organic beef available by special order.

Top wholesale beef supplier for the best central Texas BBQ beef restaurants. Best beef short ribs.


Top Wholesale Steaks:

Rib Eye Steaks

Skirt Steaks

Tenderloin Steaks

Filet Mignon

T-bone Steaks

Porterhouse Steaks

Top and Bottom Sirloin (Tri-Tip)

Round Steak

Eye of Round

Top and Bottom Round Steak

Flank Steaks


USDA Prime Beef Options:

Prime Tenderloin

Prime Brisket

Prime Rib

Prime Rib Roast

Tender Wholesale Cuts of Beef:

Chuck (and Ground Chuck)

Beef Brisket

Fore Shank

Beef Short Ribs

Prime Rib (and Boneless Prime Rib)

Short Loin

Sirloin tips (also called “beef tips”)

Selection of the best specialty homemade beef jerky and beef meat snacks for bulk order and individual retail sale. Best fresh and frozen ground beef restaurant wholesale suppliers. Various fat contents for custom lean ground beef. Top ground beef for commercial sausage production.

Top selection of beef variety meats, trimmings, and offal, including organs, tripe, and oxtail.

Full service beef processing and meat packing company. Certified Angus beef distribution throughout central Texas: Waco Beef & Pork Processors.

Wholesale Pork

Top Grade Cuts of Pork
Tender, finely crafted, flavorful. Pork cuts from experienced butchers. Lean cuts ready for commercial processing and distribution. Restaurant cuts ready for your commercial kitchen.

Our butchers offer a selection of the finest cuts of commercial and specialty pork. Top meat distributors of pork spareribs in central Texas. Enjoy the best BBQ meats with top grade pork ribs.

Best fresh and frozen ground pork restaurant wholesale suppliers. Top ground pork for commercial sausage production. Fine and coarse ground pork to your specialty order. Top selection of pork sundries, trimmings, and offal, including organs, skins, and fat.

Full service pork processing and meat packing company. Top quality meats throughout central Texas: Waco Beef & Pork Processors.


Best wholesale lean cuts:


Back/Loin Cuts


Boston Butt/Boston Shoulder

Picnic Shoulder

Pork Bellies

Wholesale restaurant pork cuts:

Bone-in and boneless hams

Leg cutlets

Pork loin

Pork tenderloin, sirloin

Bacon and Canadian bacon

Rib roast

Pork chops

Pork shoulder and shoulder roll


Wholesale Sausages

Award-Winning Sausages in Bulk
Savory, spicy, sweet, and hot. Sausages from experienced Masters. Ready for your commercial kitchen dishes. Our sausage masters offer a selection of over 30 varieties of fresh and smoked sausages.

Old World recipes with a Texas twist. New World and American sausages in all the top flavors. Makers of Holy Smoked Sausage!

Top cuts of beef and pork. Coarse and fine ground. Natural casings. Traditional spice blends. Finest ingredients. But our special ingredient? Care and dedication. We know what makes sausage great.

Special commercial orders welcome. We can custom-craft a sausage batch on your recipe. Top local sausage restaurant vendors throughout central Texas: Waco B&PP

Enjoy our bulk sausage selection, including:

Polish Kielbasa

Czech and Slovic sausages

German sausages and hot dogs

Italian sausages

American breakfast and grill sausages

Latin American Chorizo

Southern Cajun sausage

Hot links and cocktail sausages

Wholesale Chicken Selection
We offer commercial kitchens, restaurants, and all food preparers the best selection of:

Whole Chickens

Chicken Halves

Chicken Wings (including cut wings and lollipop wings)

Chicken Legs (including drumsticks and thigh cuts)

Chicken Breasts (halved and tender strips)

Wholesale Chicken and Turkey

Fresh and Frozen Chicken and Turkey
Poultry is a staple in the American diet. The tender white meat and savory dark meat belongs in so many dishes, served countless ways.

Waco Beef & Pork Processors: offering the best selection of fresh and frozen chicken and turkey of any central Texas wholesale meat companies.

We offer bulk preseasoned fajita chicken and ground chicken for commercial kitchen use. For specialty menus and gourmet recipes, we offer bulk chicken giblets, including chicken hearts and livers.

Wholesale Turkey Selection
We offer the best fresh, frozen, and smoked wholesale turkey selection all year long.

  • Whole Turkeys prepared to your specifications.
  • Turkey Legs seasoned and smoked if you need.
  • Boneless Turkey Breasts for top gourmet menu items.

We are one of the few wholesale meat distributors in central Texas to offer top-grade ground turkey and turkey giblets.

Wholesale Cheeses

Wisconsin Cheese. Italian Cheese. Swiss Cheese. Best Bulk Cheese Options
We offer commercial kitchens, restaurants, and groceries options for bulk cheese. Most of our cheeses are available as bricks or wheels. We can pre-slice or pre-grate cheese for restaurant kitchen use or individual retail sale. Waco Beef & Pork Processors: helping you select the perfect cheese

American Cheese. Top Wisconsin Colby, Brick, Cheddar Cheese

Colby Cheese: Original to Wisconsin, Colby cheese is a popular yellow cheese with a mild, sweet flavor.

Smoked Cheddar Cheese: Rich, tangy smoke flavor enhances sharp cheddar. Smoked cheddar cheese pairs perfectly with Texas barbecue.

Cheddar Cheese: White and yellow, with flavors from mild to extra sharp, cheddar cheese is America’s most popular cheese.

Brick Cheese: Created in Wisconsin, Brick cheese is a mild yellow cheese.

Italian Cheese

Mozzarella Cheese: Soft, sweet, and moist white cheese. Serve fresh or preserved. Top pizza cheese choice for authentic Italian taste.

Provolone Cheese: A soft, sweet white cheese. A staple of delis and pasta dishes.

Swiss Cheese

Medium yellow cheese with a “nutty” flavor and distinctive holes.

Special Orders Available

We offer special orders on cheeses from around the world. Specialty gourmet cheese options for restaurants or catering menus.

Waco Beef & Pork Processors: Top meat suppliers for restaurants providing best flavors of international and American cheese.

Wholesale Casings

All-Natural Sausage Casing Suppliers

Waco Beef & Pork Processors is proud to provide the local meat processing community with top quality all-natural and collagen sausage casings. We process and prepare hog and beef sausage casings and middles. Varying diameters and lengths. Full sausage casing supplies. We deliver within central Texas.

Top bulk meat suppliers for consumers and other local meat purveyors: Waco B&PP.

Call with questions about sheep casings and special bulk orders.

Variety Meats, Specialty Meats, Offals

Top Local Poultry and Meat Wholesale Trimmings

We offer bulk orders of beef and pork variety meats, trimmings, tripe, organs, and offal, including pig’s feet.

We offer poultry giblets and turkey necks, oxtails, organs, and more.

Top Meat Wholesalers. Top Local Selection.

Grocery and Restaurant Meat Suppliers with Heart

Waco Beef & Pork Processors has been a part of the Waco community for over 20 years. We are proud to bring the tastes of the world to tables throughout central Texas. Special orders welcome. We care about your business. We care about what you eat.