Ribeye. Filet mignon. You know the most coveted cuts of meat. However, there are other cuts you can get from the butcher shop that is just as delicious and yet more affordable.

In today’s post, let’s look at the lesser-known cuts of meat from the butcher shop that can be the star of your next dinner.

Visit Your Local Butcher Shop

When you visit your local butcher’s, you see a display of impressive cuts of meat available for you to buy. However, there are also cuts with labels you may be unfamiliar with or have never heard of.

Unlike the supermarket with its cases of popular cuts of meats such as tenderloin, pork chops, and ribeye, a local butcher shop orders an entire animal – chickens, pigs, cows, lambs – which the butchers have to break down themselves.

Butchers Are Animal Anatomy Experts

Naturally, they end up with all the cuts of meats that they can sell; otherwise, it would go to waste. Butchers are experts in animal anatomy. They are experienced in taking apart the animals and preparing the cuts of meats so they can offer prime cooking choices to their customers.

So next time you’re at the butcher shop, instead of getting pork chop, ribeye, or filet mignon, ask your butcher for recommendations. This way, you can explore other types of meat cuts and expand your home culinary knowledge.

Here are some lesser-known types of meat you can try for your next meal.

Beef Shank

If you love beef short ribs, you can get beef shank as an alternative cut. Beef shanks are also known as the beef shin. It’s perfect for braising and other slow-cooking methods, which is a popular way of preparing short ribs.

Next time you're at the butcher shop, try getting beef shanks.The shank has a lot of marrow that permeates the bones. This adds to the delicious richness, especially when you’re making stews and soups.

Faux Filet or Petit Tender

This type of cut comes from the cow’s shoulders. Petit tender is a perfect substitute if you love beef tenderloin. Also, if you’re one of those people who are put off by the taste of pasteurized beef, you would appreciate the mild, lean, and tender taste of petit tender.

Another perk is it’s more affordable than beef tenderloin, so you’re saving more when you get this type of cut. You can cook it the same way you would cook a beef tenderloin. You can sear the cuts, roast them whole, or serve them into little medallions.

Sirloin Chop

Just like cows, pigs have a sirloin part too. Sirloin chops are affordable, delicious, and enough fat cap, just like its pricier alternative, the pork rib chops.

If you’re buying sirloin chops from your local butcher shop, ask them to give you thicker chops. This cut has more connective tissues, so you’re going to have to sear them in a pan and finish roasting in the oven.

Pork Collar

Pork collars cook deliciously when simmered.You’ll often see this type of pork cut as a cured meat product. However, there’s more versatility to a pork collar when you get it fresh and cook it yourself.

You can buy it whole, marinate it in your favorite concoction, and grill it – you’ll get a delicious cut of marbleized meat.

Pork collars also work well when you braise it or simmer it. Another cooking option is to pan sear it with some oil or butter then finish the cooking in the oven at low temperature.

Pork Skirt Steak

This part of the pork is found underneath the delicious belly, and it’s just as pleasant as pork belly. You can season it with a generous amount of salt, sear both sides, and slice it up for your next taco night.

Blade Chop

Lamb rib chops are expensive. If you want to serve lamb rip chops for your next get-together or even just for a regular weeknight dinner, why not try the blade chops? They are tender, incredibly flavorful, and, more importantly, they are half the price.

Familiarize Yourself at the Butcher Shop

There are plenty of affordable yet tasty cuts of meats you can buy at the butcher’s. Familiarize yourself with these cuts, ask your butcher for suggestions, and make your dinners a little more exciting with lesser popular cuts of meats.