If you love bacon and you love jerky, you’ve come to the right place. Bacon jerky is one of the most popular snacks, and the trend is growing in recent years. As people are more interested in branching out and trying new foods, and as new distributors are creating amazing new products, there is no end in sight to your ability to enjoy bacon jerky in coming years.

How is bacon jerky made?

Jerky is seasoned, dehydrated meat that is often baked to dry it to a chewy, fibrous texture. Jerky can be enjoyed fresh – the same day it is baked – or it can be aged for additional flavor. Once the desired flavor is achieved, jerky is often sealed in airtight packaging, which makes it last. It can also be stored in a jar, plastic container, or other container, but the shelf life will be about half the time.

A perfect portable snack

Like other jerky, bacon jerky is an amazingly portable, high-protein treat that you can take with you just about anywhere. Great for camping, hunting, hiking, and other outdoor activities, because it doesn’t spoil when exposed to heat or cold, it keeps for a long time. Jerky is a great snack to keep in the pantry at all times, to pack in school or work lunches, to munch on during long weekend afternoons, or as a tangy breakfast-on-the-go treat.


Jerky is the perfect snack to take hiking.

Long expiration date

When left unopened, an airtight package of bacon jerky can last 1-2 years when stored in a cool, dry place. Even if this date is past the “consume by” date on the package, the jerky may still be edible if properly sealed.

Different from beef jerky

Bacon jerky comes in a wider variety of flavors than beef jerky – and that’s saying a lot! Because bacon pairs perfectly with sweet, spicy, or savory flavors, it’s amazing how it’s able to bring together a taste combination unlike anything else.

Bacon jerky also has a different texture than beef jerky. It is softer, less chewy, and doesn’t need as much grinding from your jaw. Depending on the thickness and the way it’s prepared, some people even describe it as “melting” in their mouths.

What makes better bacon?

The best bacon is made from the best pork, which is a delicate meat to prepare correctly. The best pork processing results in a flavorful, tender meat. The best pork always comes from facilities that use above-industry standards and top-of-the-line equipment.

Better bacon is made with better seasonings. Freshly dried herbs produce the best seasonings, specially blended with the right Kosher salt and black pepper. Because pork has been a popular meat in societies around the world, there are a number of great blends that enhance the flavor of a terrific cut of bacon.

What can you do with bacon jerky?

Practically anything you want! If you like crispy bacon, try replacing it with bacon jerky in your recipes. Try it on a classic BLT, crumbled onto a salad or baked potato, or straight out of the package. Bacon jerky is terrific with different sauces or as a side to a main dish, and we have to recommend dipping it in maple syrup, chocolate, or a mix of brown sugar and cinnamon. Which brings us to …

Candied Bacon Jerky

If you haven’t tried this slice of dried Heaven, you’re missing out. In order to make candied bacon jerky, the bacon is rolled in brown sugar before being baked and dried. The sugar caramelizes and crystallizes onto the meat, giving it a unique and intensely satisfying crunch and sweetness. You may not have ever considered putting bacon on your ice cream before, but we promise you, one bite of this and you will start thinking of all the amazing ways to combine this flavor with your other favorite foods.

Keep fresh bacon jerky in a jar for a quick snack.

Keep fresh jerky in a jar for a quick snack.

Buying Bacon Jerky in Bulk

Because it’s so versatile and so popular, bacon jerky is the perfect snack to buy in bulk. For schools, clubs, grocery and convenience stores, and anywhere that serves a large volume of people, it’s perfect. It can be stored easily, lasts a long time, and provides a huge value to a lot of people looking for a quick, delicious burst of protein. Stocking up on delicious bacon jerky can be the right move year round.