Buying a large number of hamburgers? Know what you look for when you’re seeking the best wholesale hamburger patties. You will save yourself time and money, and treat your guests to a delicious, juicy burger without breaking your wallet.

How many burgers do you need?

Now, when we say “large number” of hamburger patties, we don’t mean a few for a family cookout – we’re talking dozens. Hundreds. Or more. Are you planning to prepare hamburgers for a church group, school, youth or adult sports league, nursing home, event catering, or other large gathering? That’s what we mean – dozens or hundreds (or even thousands) of hungry burger lovers, ready to chow down on some great Texas burgers.

Buying wholesale saves you time and money

The best wholesale meats come from a butcher – hands-down. Order directly from a local butcher to get the best prices, freshest meat, and most direct connection to the farms. When you shop with your local butcher regularly, you develop a relationship. You will be able to schedule delivery or pick up at a time that’s convenient to you – and if they’re local, they can probably deliver in a fully refrigerated truck. This ensures that you can get more for your money – better and more nourishing and delicious burgers.

Wholesale hamburger patties come in different cuts

Different butchers use different meats as standard. “Ground beef” could be ground cuts of sirloin or chuck – and both will give you excellent flavor and texture for a burger. But, if you prefer another cut of beef for your burger, discuss it with the butcher. Special events can call for special cuts of meat, so don’t be afraid to discuss if you have preferences about cut of meat, fat content, or other specifics of your wholesale hamburger patties.

You can also request your wholesale beef butcher make your burgers from certified Angus beef, Kosher beef, Kobe beef, organic or grass-fed beef, or some other specific that caters to your guests’ palate.

Stack of wholesale hamburger patties ready to cook.Get customized recipes

When you’re ordering a large number of wholesale hamburgers, you should discuss custom recipes with your butcher. Often, chefs prefer specific recipes that include a particular fat content or other ingredients blended with the ground beef. Classic recipes include mixing onions, peppers or mushrooms into the burger meat, or blending different types of cheese into the patty. Flavor your burgers throughout with Cajun, barbecue, or other seasonings.

Get the perfect size hamburgers

When you order hamburger patties directly from the butcher, you have the option to also size them according to your preferences. The standard patty size is ¼ pound, before cooking, as the patty will shrink. Often, clients request larger patties of 1/3 pound or even ½ pound. Or, if you’re interested in offering sliders, kid’s size burgers or burgers of varying sizes, your wholesale beef supplier can help.

Add what you want to your all-beef patties to make them truly your own. Your guests will remember how wonderful the event was – especially, the burgers.

Cheese in Bulk

Ask your butcher the best type of cheese for your burger.

Ask your butcher the best type of cheese for your burger.

Lastly, when you’re offering the best in gourmet hamburgers, don’t forget the cheese. When you order wholesale burger patties, talk to your butcher about wholesale cheese options that will complement the custom burger you’ve selected. Wholesale butchers may be able to offer you a selection of deli cheeses in bulk – either sliced or in bricks, whatever is better for your cooks. From something sharp like cheddar to something smooth like mozzarella, the best cheeses from around the world should accompany your top-of-the-line burgers.

Local Wholesale Hamburger Patties are the Best

Beef is one of the most popular meats throughout America. Across the country, there are amazing beef farmers that keep millions of people eating happy and healthy. When you have the chance, it can be a wise choice to select your wholesale meat from a local butcher. Often, your local butcher will have relationships with local farmers, and know who has the best meat, in the best cuts, available at the best times.

Local meat also goes through less travel time. Your meat is likely to be fresh, well-maintained, and directly connected to your local economy. When you buy from a local butcher for local beef, you’re offering the best to your guests and to your community. Save yourself money with wholesale hamburger patties, and do good for your community when you buy from your local butcher.